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Cultural Experience in Halkidiki Greece

Set amidst the magical landscape of Northern Greece with the shimmering emerald waters, the stunning golden beaches, the rich seabed and the mystical aura feeling the air the fairytale village of Ouranoupoli in the region of Halkidiki is a dream destination for exquisite holidays, thrilling water sports adventures and unparalleled sailing expeditions.

Inspired by the divine serenity of Mount Athos this enchanting region boasts a range of fabulous attractions and exciting activities ensuring a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday experience. Travelers can participate in festivities and unique cultural events and enjoy a truly genuine cultural experience.

Halkidiki is a majestic holiday treat harmonizing the authenticity of tradition with contemporary grandeur. From the quixotic waters of the sea, to the spell-binding landscapes, the enchanting attractions, scenic villages and narrow alleys the Halkidiki peninsula in Macedonia of Northern Greece is a splendid holiday resort for truly unique individuals.

Cultural Experience in Halkidiki Greece

The History behind the enchanting region of Halkidiki

Formerly known as “Flegra” (the place of fire) due to an epic battle (Gigantomaxia) that took place in the region between the Olympian Gods and the Giants in their quest for fire the Athos peninsula was given its name by one of the Giants who through a mountain at Zeus that eventually ended up in the sea where it still remains.

The region came to be known as Halkidiki from the city state of Halkis situated in Evia. The first monastic communities were established on Mount Athos in the 9th century. From the 13th century until the beginning of 1900’s, it was under possession of Venetian or Byzantine or Turk rule. In 1912, Macedonia was finally united with the rest of Greece. Now days Halkidiki is a favorable tourist destination featuring a number of exceptional festivals and cultural events in order to enhance the cultural experience of all of its visitors.

Mount Athos experience

Nuzzled amidst acres of lush greenery and caressed by the emerald waters of the sea Mount Athos also known as the Holy Mountain (Agion Oros) is the oldest surviving monastic community in the world governed by its own administration, the Holy Community which comprises of a council of monks representing the 20 monasteries.

According to the Legend virgin Mary was astonished by the wild natural beauty of the land on her way to visit Lazarus with John the Evangelist and asked God to give her the mountain as a present hence Mount Athos is also known as the Garden of Virgin Mary and has been out of bound to any other women.

The Holy Mountain possesses great collections of ecclesiastical treasures, invaluable icons, and ancient manuscripts and is now inhabited by 1700 monks who follow a strict regimen of daily activities. Mount Athos is considered one of the major attractions in Northern Greece. Sacred relics and other religious artifacts are usually exhibited during major cultural events ensuring visitors a uniquely inspiring cultural experience.

For more information on Mount Athos, please visit its official site www.inathos.gr.


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