Eagles Palace welcomes you to its majestic complex of Bungalows in Halkidiki, and promises you an unforgettable experience of sheer magic and luxury. Each of our beach bungalows, is characterized by the elegance of its design, the spacious and luxurious accommodation, and the mystique ambience of the most picturesque village of Halkidiki, Ouranoupolis. So let yourself as we take you on a magical journey through our luxury Bungalows in Halkidiki.

Luxurious accommodation in our beach bungalows

Whether you choose one of our Bungalows by the sea, or a Bungalow nestled in the garden or even our pride and honor, the sublime Maria Callas suite, all our Bungalows in Halkidiki promise you a vacationing experience beyond your expectations. The simple but chic design, the comfortable yet grand accommodation, the sea or garden view, the golden beach, the picturesque village of Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki ideal for daily walks, are just a few of the magical details that make your stay in our Beach Bungalows an unforgettable experience.

Luxury by the sea

There is much to say about the beach in Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki, and the sun in Greece. There is also much to say about the romantic long walks by the sea. But few words can actually describe the magical feeling one senses when walking by the sea or sunbathing on the golden sandy beach of Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki, while the sun, caresses their skin. That sense of summertime in Greece, combined with the luxury offered by our accommodation, is what makes Eagles Palace so unique.

Dreamy accommodation in Greece

Dream away as you relax in you private pool, enjoying a refreshing cocktail. At Eagles Palace Luxury Hotel  you can enjoy your special moments in your own private pool or splash your worries away in the salty sea waters of Greece. No matter where you are be it a private pool or the open sea, your vacation will certainly be one of luxurious accommodation, romantic moments and pure elegance.

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